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Professional, Fast & Reliable: Legal Business Translations in Frankfurt

High-quality translations make a difference – that is especially true for legal business translations. Where a single word can mean the difference between a binding contract and a void one, an exact and skilful translation is paramount. KENNEDY Translations in Frankfurt, the financial centre of the European Union, will assist you with legal business translations of all kinds. Contact us, if you are in need of a translation of annual reports, financial reports, court documents, legal opinions, certificates of registration or terms and conditions.

Due Diligence, M&A: Flawless Legal Translations

The consolidation of companies or assets often requires numerous legal documents. From due diligence checks to the finalised term sheets or legally binding contracts concerning purchase and acquisition – M&A call for an extensive amount of documents. Due to the participation of Certified Public Accountants, corporate consultants, lawyers and investment banks, the processes involved in M&A are complex and time-consuming.
As a professional translation agency with over 20 years of experience in legal business translations, we can assist you with business start-ups and mergers and acquisitions by transferring your legal business documents into the language of your choice. We offer fast and reliable translations from English into such languages as German, Spanish and Russian or vice-versa. Other languages are possible on request – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Business investment: Private Equity & Venture Capital

The very nature of corporate finance with its daily business as well as its special transactions call for many legal documents and papers. IPO, venture capital and private equity – our certified native speaker translators are at home in all matters concerning corporate finance and commercial law. We can assist you with the translation of contracts, legal opinions, certificates of registration, legal documents, court sentences as well as with financial reports, annual reports, and terms and conditions. All translations are processed accurately and in a timely manner.

For your legal business translation please get in touch with us via our contact form and receive a customised quote for your document. We at KENNEDY Translations are happy to be a part of your business success!