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Legal Translations

In order to obtain a legally binding document, there are many bureaucratic obstacles to overcome – as you might have experienced before. And now, after the ordeal of meticulously assembling those contracts or business documents, they are needed in a different language for a business partner? Do not worry – there is no need to go through the trouble all over again. As experts for legal translations, our certified translators will transfer your specialised documents into many languages – with accuracy and precision.

Legal Translations by Native Speakers

For the translation of contracts and other legal documents, two different legal systems need to be taken into consideration. In addition, the linguistic contexts between source and target language differ from each other. As a result, good legal translators need to know their way around both the legal systems and the languages in question. That’s why at KENNEDY Translations we only employ expert translators who are native speakers and are well-versed in both legal and linguistic matters.

Specialised translations of legal documents especially rely on the accurate transfer of linguistic subtleties. Even minute changes in terms of content and phrasing can drastically alter the legal statement of your contract or business document. Our expert legal translators have an outstanding command of source and target language and are able to transfer the exact meaning of your specialised documents into different languages. This way your legal documents do not lose any of their meaning throughout the translation process.

Obtaining a legally binding document is a time-consuming and extensively bureaucratic process. You would not want to waste any more time with the translation of your documents, would you? That’s why at KENNEDY Translations all our translators work fast and accurately to provide you with an exact translation. When time is scarce, simply request our express service.

We consider it a matter of course to treat your documents confidentially and with the utmost care. To be absolutely safe, we offer encrypted data transmission upon request. We process each translation individually and double-check it to ensure factual accurateness as well as a high standard at all times. At KENNEDY Translations your legal documents are in the best of hands!

Multilingual Legal Translations

Our translation agency in Frankfurt focuses on in-demand languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese. Whether your translation concerns contracts or other legal documents, we provide translations with every combination of source and target language, Eastern European languages among others – just request your personal quote online!

With the experience of 25 years as a professional translation agency, KENNEDY Translations is your competent partner for legal and other specialised translations such as technical translations. Get in touch with us – we look forward to hearing from you!