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Kennedy Translations


Language is our passion. A linguistically correct translation is not only important for success in business, but also for the exchange of scientific expertise and research, and – not the least – for understanding on the personal level.

As a professional translation service, we can translate many different kinds of texts, including general correspondence, homepages, contracts, expert appraisals, curricula vitae, certificates and diplomas, diploma theses, letters, and many other areas on request.

We have concentrated mainly on the German and English languages.

A purposeful translation requires the perfect mastery of the source and target languages as well as stylistic sensitivity and experience, which only translators who have specialised in the sector can have at their fingertips. The quality of our work is of utmost importance to us.

KENNEDY-Translations employs only native-speakers who meet these requirements. Only native-speakers are in the position to balance out the cultural differences in language, and thereby put across the effect that was originally intended by the author.
What’s more, every text is proofread by a second specialised translator and checked for completeness according to the dual control principle.